Item 1: Our rehearsed improvisation was different to our actual performance. When we was rehearsing we was trying out many different types of scenes. For example to scene where Zaks character was buying the phone of Henry who was a undercover cop. But Zak wasn’t sure but he wasn’t taking any chances because his family […]

The Author of the poem “Eden rock” Charles Causley speaks about a mother and a father who are still quite young but as one reads through the poem one can realise that the author chooses to portray this from the child’s perspective. The protagonists’ father occurs as young man and who is said to be “of genuine […]

Hardy describes love as a curse throughout the poem. This was done by using a range of language devices which present the love as a curse. I will be exploring all the different ways in which Thomas Hardy has used different language features and devices and explain them in great detail. Also, I will be […]

Introduction In our drama production we used the stimulus of the young boy Aylan Kurdi and how it had a social,cultural and historical effects it had. Aylan Kurdi was a three year old Syrian who was forced out of his own country due to the growing power of ISIS in Syria. Aylan Kurdi’s family fled in […]

In the farmers bride I don’t think that the girl is presented as too immature for a relationship I think she is presented as not ready because she don’t really want to be the man. She is 12 or 13 so maybe she is too scared of the idea of sex with the older man. […]

In the poem Thomas Hardy was talking about how him and his lovers relationship was not as strong as they thought it would be because he saying things such as how they “stood by a pond that winter day” and how the leaves had fallen from and ash and they were grey. To me that […]

My interpretation of the he poem Porphyrias lover is that there is a man who is ill and has a sickness called porphyria which is a mental illness.He imagines his illness as a woman who loves him and gives herself to him and as porphyria try’s to control him he thinks for a while and […]

In this essay i will be writing about the comparisons between the film into the wild by Sean Penn and the book by Jon Krakauer in which they both present the mcCandless family in different way some good and some bad the film presents Walt mccandless as a world apart from his son where as the […]

The character off foreman shows us how he’s is if he’s manager or not. In this scene the foreman shows us the key to his motivation which was fear. While his fellow workers were working hard on finishing this wall while also having alone of this pressure on their shoulders but they can not concentrate […]

During ww1 (1914-1918) large numbers of women were recruited into jobs that the men would normally do because they were in the war. New jobs also came up as part of the war effort. For example women were working in factories becoming the largest single employer of women during the war. Around this time the […]